Looking to invest in New Developments?

At Lux Estate Property we are not a regular listing agent or just another real estate agent among 3,000 others with the same properties as everyone else. We are one stop for all your needs!

As you probably already noticed, all listings on our website are new development projects. The reason for this is that we have recently begun partnership with one of the biggest and most known, award winning developers in Spain.

To stand out from everyone else, we not only provide regular property sale services, show listings or complete simple renovations. At Lux Estate Property we have team of renowned architects, interior designers, surveyors, engineers, project managers and more, that have achieved an exceptional reputation for their new build properties, constructed to the highest standards, aesthetically beautiful, sustainable and ecologically-friendly.

These properties are not only ideal homes to live in, but also incredible investment opportunities for investors. If you're an investor looking to invest into luxury real estate or more specifically new-build developments, get in touch with us. We have a network of private and corporate investors from all over the world investing with us in our Private Investment Club - Lux Estate Capital Group.

We always welcome new investors to join our club as members and find out more about our current new-build projects and more investment opportunities in Marbella!