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Why you should consider living in Marbella?

By many people around the world, Marbella is called a place of Mediterranean glamour, visited by celebrities and millionaires for decades. Considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and the answer to the French St.Tropez loved by many eminent personalities from around the world.

Marbella is home to some of the most valuable real estate in Europe, and its residents are mostly known businessmen, respectable politicians, celebrities and overall wealthy individuals. It's clearly unsurprising then, that Marbella has some of the most luxurious mansions settled on large estates, exquisite private villas, penthouses and apartment complexes. It is quite obvious that Marbella offers a high standard of luxury, comfort and security.

This destination is also perfect for you to live if you like close proximity to services, different attractions, beautiful surroundings and of course clear blue water and sunshine over 320 days each year. One of the main activities in Marbella which attract residents and tourists is golfing, so in any direction you look, most likely there will be at least one golf club.

Another great reason to live in Marbella? Best restaurants on the coast. In Marbella there is a wide variety of restaurants with tastes from all over the world. You can choose from fresh octopus, squids and different kinds of fish, unless of course you prefer a delicious chicken meal with your healthy greens. Don't forget the most essential part of every meal in Spain...aromatic wine that makes your meal compete!

Of course we can only give you advice, and the decision is completely yours, but.. when searching for a place to live in Spain, Marbella should definitely be on the top of your list!